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Do you know any digital company or real-world company that does not contain any creative assets?
How about having someone working for you weekly?

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What you get with this offer

Nowadays, countless businesses are running successfully on the internet and making thousands of dollars every second.

From Blogs, Shopify/ Etsy stores, applications like Uber, or delivery apps, all need creative people to meet the need for promotion and to generate leverage in the digital world.

I have been working in the creative industry for several years, developing creative work and illustrations for websites, blogs, social media, and print.
My job is to provide creative support and create the assets needed for content creation.

In this offer, I am giving you the opportunity to have my creative services for a whole week (5 days).
This is about 40 hours of creative work and attention to your project or company.


What does it take to get started?

Please give me just one direction so we can start working.
Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch via email or Skype.




3 thoughts on “Creative Services

  1. “Daniel has been doing illustrations for my website for a few years now…his work is an integral part of the branding. His illustrations grab people’s attention. I cannot tell you how many times my readers have complimented the images created by Daniel and they ask me who did the work?

    If you are needing illustrations or cartoons, I highly recommend Daniel D.”

  2. “Daniel was awesome to work with. He followed all specifications with careful detail even while working quickly to meet tight deadlines. The end result was fantastic!”

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