Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the standard turnaround time?

The character design and digital illustration is a creative process. As you might expect, simple designs have shorter turnaround times and complicated ones have longer turnaround times.

For general projects, typical turnaround time to complete the whole design process can range from 3-4 business days and an or two weeks or more for a larger project.

If that doesn’t serve your time-frame, contact me to discuss. It’s always possible that I can work things for your time-frame or deadline.


How much do you charge?

It will be difficult to charge without knowing what you want to achieve from the project. It will be best if we discuss the definite scope and needs of the design, then I will provide you a specific estimate. Please Contact me to discuss.


Can you start Now?

I’d love to, but this will depend on my current workload and schedule. I always try not to overbook my schedule so I can give full attention to the project and keep the quality high.


How many versions and revisions do you charge?

I will create one version incorporated with the best concept and concrete solution to the task assigned. Discussion and considerations will then be conducted to refine the design.

If necessary we redo it from scratch until we ensure the criteria for the design were appropriately set.

However, if the revisions are not in accord on my part as the illustrator and the change create additional work beyond the initial budget, an additional fee will be charged.


What do you get?

The files are zipped and arranged in convenient order for storage. File types may be in JPG, PNG, or PDF. I charged an additional (50%) for delivery of source file (.Ai, .Psd), or any other file not specified.


Authorship Credit?

I reserve the right to display the artwork in my portfolio. Authorship credit in my name as the illustrator will accompany the work when it is reproduced. If the finished art is used as a contribution to a magazine, book or for games/applications, authorship credit will be given unless otherwise specified.


Do you work for FREE?

Sorry. NO! No way.


Before we get started, can I get some sample sketch to see if I like your idea?

Please check my portfolio, social networks to see a variety of work samples and my style of work. Sketch ideas and composition are only created after the confirmation of assignment and an upfront deposit is made.


How can I pay you?

You can pay me online through PayPal, the most secure and easier way to make and accept payments.