Sticker Land Rover



Process – How to make a sticker for Land Rover

I have worked on several projects and created several new illustrations, some I can show and

other projects I am unfortunately not authorized to publish.

Here is an artwork created for a sticker, to be used in a trailer used in exhibitions.
The client is from Germany, which gives me great pride in knowing that my work is in various parts of the world.

Firstly, I created a sketch for client approval based on the information provided.

The answer I had about the sketch was that it was good, but the customer wanted something more “cartoonized”

and the horse to be seen from the front instead of sideways (Back to the drawings).

With this new information, I quickly created a new sketch just to make sure the position and style.


The feedback was immediate and the customer loved my quick response and solution.
I quickly refined the sketch and added all the details, which were revised and corrected.


So I started the “vectorization” process in Adobe Illustrator. I could work for many more hours in this illustration and add a lot of details

and render rendering more realistic but this was to be a quick job without the need for so much realism.
Here is theĀ final result that the customer loved very much.

Please visit my YouTube channel and see the entire creation process.
Please contact me for orders or ask for a quote.


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