Design for T-shirt


Design for T-Shirt – Children in the Classroom

This is a design I create for a client, the main idea was creating a design for a T-shirt, the design would have many children of different nationalities, something with much fun and multicultural.

For it, I start creating some sketches to present for my client and try different ideas to achieve the main idea of the project.


Here is another sketch with some ideas, and improvements. At this point, I already create all characters to compose the design.

Here is the final design for the 20 different characters. I opted for creating little funny boys and girls, with big eyes, big heads and with a huge mouth.

The sketches were made in Adobe Photoshop and the final design on the Adobe Illustrator to give more flexibility regarding the sizes and possible changes.

To know more, please visit my Youtube channel, where I share a little bit about my creative process.



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